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Cost Management Associates

Cost Management Associates, LLC is a bottom-line expense reduction company dedicated to enhancing your profitability. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to help you reduce and improve your Waste and Recycling, Telecom and Utilities expenses. We will provide you with a FREE analysis of your current expenses and will pinpoint where we can help.

Our savings models are very simple, we either share in the savings after the savings start or we are paid by the vendor for telecom or utilities services. All savings our clients receive from our telecom and utility services go directly to our clients!

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Our team understands that your bottom line IS critical to your business. In today’s economy every company is striving to do more with less and we work as an extension of your organization to do just that.  For more information please contact us today!

Our waste and recycling team is your green team….one that helps you go green while saving you significant amounts of green at the same time through our established 30-point analysis. Landfills are becoming increasingly full, more and more items can and are being recycled, reused and resold in one form or another. Our team of experts has years of experience and is trained to think outside the box to find creative solutions for our clients.

Our telecom team with over 20 years of experience understands that each company has unique needs and each telecom environment is different for every company.  We believe this is so critical to every organization that we have designed a website focusing solely on today’s telecommunications products and services.

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Chances Are Your Company is Overpaying. We Can Help.

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