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LED Lighting- Energy Cost Reduction

Increase Positive Cash Flow with Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Receive a company-wide certified installation of energy efficient LED lighting and save up to 80% off of your existing lighting costs while producing positive cash flow for your business. Our lighting design professionals utilize certified state of the art software and research to customize a companywide LED lighting solution which requires no upfront cost to produce. You will clearly understand how switching and paying for LED lights will produce a positive financial impact. Also included in the report will be potential tax deductions, utility rebates and manufacturer rebates so the total financial benefit is demonstrated. We will present both direct purchase and financing options to maximize your cash flow and ROI.

We will show you how to redirect savings generated to pay for the new LED lights so you can put money back into your business.
Analyze Current Lighting Costs

Using certified and approved lighting design software you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your current lighting program costs following a review of prior electricity bills and a survey performed by an approved industry expert.

Design an Equal to or Improved Lighting Solution with up to 80% Lower Costs

Specific LED lights will be chosen to replace your existing lights and lighting levels at significantly lower costs. Once your cost effective lighting solution is determined we take the additional steps to find out which Federal & State tax incentives apply as well as which manufacturer and state utility rebates are available based on where your properties are located.

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Financial Impact Report

Once savings are pinpointed you will see the detailed results, your return on investment (ROI), and exactly how much money you will save and be able to redirect to pay for the lights and back into your business by switching to LED lights in the first year and over the next 5 years. Most companies realize 5 year positive cash flow following the switch which includes the cost of the new LED lights.

Positive Cash Flow Solutions

Companies can effectively monetize their electric bill and increase company cash flow. With our financing options a lease purchase will help redirect the savings realized from switching to LED lighting back into their business, creating positive cash flow. Direct purchase and lease/purchase financing options are available. Your approval to move forward at this point is a critical step in our consulting process.


Tax Deductions, Incentives, and Rebates


EPACT 179D is a Federal tax deduction where you can receive up to $1.80 per square foot total ($0.60 for lighting, $0.60 for HVAC, $0.60 for the building insulation/windows) by installing interior lighting that reduces total energy and power costs. You will receive a certified LED Lighting installation and the necessary paperwork to receive the maximum in available tax deductions and manufacturer and utility rebates. Click here for State Specific Tax Incentives & Utility Rebates.


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